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The horrifying journey across the Sahara Desert took seven days.

The sun burnt our bodies and dust filled our eyes, nose, ears, and even mouth if you mistakenly opened it. During the day, the temperature ranged from 86 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, it dropped below freezing and could be very windy. It takes the grace of God to survive here. Many do not make it to their destination alive. The human bones, skulls, and dead bodies that I saw lying in the desert was evidence of this. In fact, I saw two men shot because they would not comply with the driver. Their bodies were left behind in the desert too. Killing is something most of these Arabs consider a way to please Allah, their god, helping them earn their way to heaven. This brought more fear to me because it was my first time to see such a sight. I remember Elisha trying to cover my eyes with his hands so I could not see what was going on, but one of the rebels beat his head with the edge of his firearm. I became even more fearful. I thought, if this happened to those men, it might happen to me. I was the youngest in the car, and very weak. Elisha was deeply worried about me falling to the ground and being left to die. All I could think of was to hold onto my stick as instructed - and pray.

Sold Out [A True Story] Preserved for God's Purposes in Torture, Trafficking and Terror

Gabriel Abraham Singbeh


My name is Gabriel Abraham Singbeh

I was born in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia in West Africa. I did not talk or walk for several years, and I was considered cursed at birth by my tribe. My family was shunned and forced out of their village. I suffered separation from my parents at an early age, and was nine years old before I saw anything powered by electricity.

I was loved by my mother who always spoke of God, but I was abused by extended family with whom I lived. At age 15, I began migrating to Europe for work and a Bible education with my mentor, pastor Elisha. But along the way we were tricked by his brother and sold into slavery. We were repeatedly robbed, starved, tortured and trafficked by Muslim outlaws across the Sahara Desert, until we were forced to separate. I never saw Elisha again.

During this time, I continuously called on God for deliverance. After suffering for many months at the hands of merciless Muslim captors, enduring the terror and trauma of their inhumane acts, I was finally rescued, along with other refugees, from a sinking raft in the Mediterranean Sea. After partially recovering at an emergency camp, I eventually found comfort at a church in Italy, where an American believer befriended me as a second mother.

Throughout these trials, my hope and prayer has always been to serve God in youth ministry. I am now 22 years old, and so far have been denied permission to stay permanently in Italy, where it is nearly impossible for immigrants to find work. I now face possible deportation back to Liberia, while I wait for the Lord to open a door for me to receive further ministry training and experience.

Please pray for my continuing journey. See my video and photo album, download a free sample chapter of my book, and consider purchasing my book.

Gratefully in Christ,

Gabriel Abraham Singbeh

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