Frequently asked questions

After my American mom, Jane, returned to the US, the Lord provided an apartment for me in Giugliano, in the same building as one of my African brothers from church. I live about 30 to 40 minutes from Naples, Italy.

I completed a certificate training program in Full Stack Web Development in early January with an international online Bootcamp called CareerFoundry. Also, I recently completed my Associate in Computer Science and am studying toward my bachelor's degree. At the moment, I am applying for jobs. I have had many interviews since my graduation but have not landed a job yet. The economy here in Southern Italy (i.e., Naples) was economically depressed even before the COVID pandemic. As such, it isn't easy to find a job. However, I am praying and trusting in the Lord Jesus to provide me with a job according to His will and timing. I am also active in my church and in two online fellowship groups, where we study the Bible and pray for each other. I hope to expand my online ministry opportunities through my blog on this site and with podcasts in the near future. I receive financial help from generous American friends and my American mom’s church (Calvary Church of Port Orchard ) in the US. They have been a great help and blessing in supporting my dreams of serving the Lord and proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I am very grateful.

Life is difficult here in southern Italy, especially for the Africans. Not all Italians are very welcoming to Africans; as such, it's difficult to easily navigate bureaucracy without being discriminated at least in my experience. There has been even less work since the pandemic, lockdowns, and other restrictions. Public transportation is challenging, inconvenient, and unreliable. I ride my scooter when the weather permits and rely on friends for transportation to church and appointments. I am currently enrolled in driving school to obtain my driver's license. There is much bureaucracy and inefficiency here in anything you want to do, such as medical, legal appointments, etc. The Lord often reminds me that His grace is sufficient! "And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." (2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV)

My American mom and I have tried several times to obtain a visa to come to the US for school and to work in her church, but I was denied each time. I am trusting God to open that door at the right time if it is part of His plan. In the meantime, I ask Him to use me where I am.

Yes, praise the Lord! My brother, “Junior,” got a smartphone after I left Africa, so we could talk and message via WhatsApp. Each time we communicate, he updates my parents about my status. Occasionally, I talk to my parents through video calls on WhatsApp whenever they come to the city where Junior lives. Talking to them gives me great joy, and I am very grateful to the Lord. My brother recently graduated from college with a degree in Accounting and is now trying to find work, which is very difficult in Liberia unless you have connections and money. Please pray for him. You can see some photos of my family in the Gallery.

I do not know. I tried hard to locate them after I got to Italy but without success. I do not know if they are still alive, but I do know I will see them again in heaven.